My Story

In 2016, my friend and Shenanigator, Robin introduced me to the crafting world as I know it today.  She asked me if I had ever been to the Expo.  Of course, my reply was "what's an Expo?"  Mercy me!!  I had no idea that the magic of The Stamp & Scrapbook Expo existed!  I was literally blown away.  I took classes, I spent way too much, and I had the time of my life.  I discovered Mixed Media.  Yes, it deserves to be capitalized! Inky fingers, texture, no rules, no "box" to fit my creativity into.

Fast forward to 2018.  I have done direct sales, the company folded and merged.  I set a goal to become a member of the Association for Creative Industries (AFCI) and to build a crafty community. I achieved my goal of becoming a member and in January 2019, I attended my first ever Creativation.  As I took classes, I learned more about sharing on social media, building communities, and collaborating with fellow creatives.  The day I walked onto the showroom floor, I knew deep in my soul that the sky was the limit and I could create a business and community the made dreams I didn't know I had come true.

In July 2019, I hosted my first ever three-day retreat in Tempe, Arizona.  It was a Christmas in July theme and it was amazing!  My heart was so full hearing the laughs and camaraderie of the crafty tribe I am blessed to part of.  My goal is many more events, our monthly Whimsy Days Social Craft Days, and classes.  Who knows where the adventure will lead?

My Approach

Crafting is fun!  Creativity should be fun.  I fully believe we are all makers.  Maybe you don't scrapbook or make cards.  Maybe the very notion of organizing all those family photos makes you break out in hives! I bet there is something you create that is your thing.  Do you crochet? (I can't!) Do you do counted cross stitch? Perhaps you love to work with wood or metals? Maybe your magic is made with a sewing machine! All of these things require us to use our creativity and to step outside of the day-to-day.  I am here to cheer you on, delve into all kinds of making, and bring you all the nuggets of creative information I am able to.  Let's get busy crafting a creative life!

Our Story

Meet the Whimsy Makers

This crafty tribe keeps me laughing, inspired, creative, and of course, prompts the magic!

I could not do what I do without their unending love, support, and the occasional, "No, that is not good!"

I never "planned" to be a crafter, I think I was just born that way! I really think we all have an inner crafter, we just need to listen.

Next Steps...

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