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Welcome to Whimsy Days

I am so excited! This is my first blog post on my brand new website!! (Insert a pompom toting cheerleader emoji here in your head!)  I literally don't have the words to tell you how thrilling this is for me, but I will do my best.

When I first began this creative journey three years ago, I was a true novice.  Other than some kits where you put the pre-done pieces or stickers on some already printed cards, I had NEVER made a card before.  Well ok, maybe the ones you make your parents in grade school.  In crayon.  In my case, in purple crayon.  (Yes, it really did begin that early with the purple!)

I jumped in the deep end of full-blown creative magic at my first ever Stamp & Scrapbook Expo.  My dear friend Robin asked me if I had ever gone to the Expo.  My reply, "What's an Expo?"  Needless to say, I was completely tickled to find out for myself. So thank you, Robin, for bringing about this journey!

At this first Expo, my world erupted in swirls of color, glitter, and lots of bling!  I truly had no idea how inspiring an event could be.  I met hundreds of crafty people and formed lasting friendships.  Shout out to you Whimsy Days Social Paper Crafters!!

I took a class at that Expo that would forever change how I imagined creating. I attended the Art Anthology class with Stayce DeWid. This was my first exposure to Mixed Media.  Yes, it really does need to be capitalized! As much as I love colors, nothing prepared me for adding texture and dimension to a project.  I couldn't wait to get inky fingers and a messy apron!  Bring on the modeling paste, the paints, the stencils, the magic friends!!  I was hooked on making every day. My new title should be Chief Whimsy Maker because that is what I strive to bring into my life.  Now I get to share creating a crafty life with all of you.

I started out stamping in direct sales with Fun Stampers Journey.  I fell in love with the hybrid inks and the deeply etched red rubber stamps.  #swoon  It was so amazing to see all of the fantastic images and cards I could create!  The creative fire was stoked yet again.  It never occurred to me that I could take this passion for creating and share it with others by teaching and trying new products.  I am blessed to have the ability to share the joy and passion for crafting and make it my career as well!

I look forward to sharing it with you.  I want to hear what products you are interested in and what you want to learn about.  Together we will explore My Whimsy Days.

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